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7. The 258 crankshaft bolts into the 4.0L block with no trouble. We used the latest 258 crank, the '87-'90 model (casting No. 3727). This is an 8-counterweight version that is compatible with serpentine belts. Earlier cranks have a longer snout and require a spacer (Hesco makes 'em) for pulley alignment. Especially important to manual transmission users, the 258 and '87-'91 4.0L cranks have a larger pilot bushing outer diameter (OD) than the '92-'06 4.0L engines. We used a bushing that had a 1.82-inch OD and 0.75-inch inner diameter (ID) found at a parts store. It fits into the larger bore at the end of the crankshaft. There are other possible dimensions depending on which trans you have, so pay attention.