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1. Complete and installed. When you increase the power output of an engine in a major way, consideration needs to be given to breathing-in and out. It isn't so much a case of gaining power as it is not losing any. The increase in displacement requires more air and exhaust flow than the stock systems can deliver. On the "in" side, AEM's Brute Force intake has more than enough airflow for the UNO stroker, plus it has a throttle-body spacer included in the kit. The '00-and-up intake ('99-and-up on WJs) is a worthwhile addition to any Jeep and an improvement in mid-range power due to ram tuning. A Rock-It high-flow throttle body was also installed. On the "out" side, the Borla header and exhaust had more than enough flow for the stroker as well. Quadratec's custom aluminum valve cover has been painted to match the Jeep.