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Beehive Spring Retainer

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Here you can see the two different types of springs installed on our heads. Notice the way the Beehive spring-retainer locks fit tightly together while the Trick Flow locks have a small gap between the two lock halves; this more precision fit is yet another instance where we felt confident about our choice to upgrade to the Comp Cams setup. The total valvetrain weight savings we netted by going with the Beehive spring setup is 1,048 grams-that's almost 21/2 pounds. The blue roller rocker arms you see in the photo came from Summit Racing (PN SUM-G6937-16). These are nice lightweight, narrow-body roller rockers CNC-machined from high-strength extruded aluminum. They feature a 1.5:1 ratio and also have needle-bearing fulcrums and hardened roller tips to maintain smooth, long-lasting operation.