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Competition Cams Camshaft

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When it comes to engine building, the camshaft is the equivalent to the central nervous system of the human body. The manner in which any engine runs is governed by the size and shape of the lobes on the camshaft. We ordered a hydraulic roller camshaft from Competition Cams (PN 12-000-8) with a very specific grind profile to suit our needs for our desired power and intended use. We needed a cam capable of producing good power through a driveable rpm range. To do this, we contacted the Comp Cams Help Hotline (800/999-0853), a free telephone service that allows engine builders and consumers to discuss various details of engine components with a certified professional. After about 10 minutes on the phone with the friendly folks at Cam Help, we had a grind selected to work with our stroker buildup. The information that sets one cam apart from another can seem like rocket science to the untrained, which is why Comp Cams offers this free service.