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Boxes Of Arp Head Studs

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Dave Briggs, a technician at Diesel Tech, is very familiar with installing aftermarket head studs on Ford 6.0L’s. Briggs showed us this stack of 20 empty ARP head stud boxes and said we were looking at just two years’ worth of installs, not to mention the customers that brought in their own head studs. “For a while I was doing one a week,” he told us. Another 6.0L head stud option is offered by A1 Technologies. Its H-11 head studs are said to have even more clamping power than ARP’s, but both will solve the head bolt problem. The factory 6.0L head bolts typically aren’t a serious issue until the engine is modified. According to Tadd Layton at Elite Diesel Engineering, the EGR cooler is also directly linked to head gasket failure. The reason behind this is the EGR cooler’s inability to keep exhaust gas temperatures down causes the coolant to boil, which leads to a loss of coolant. Without an adequate amount of coolant circulating throughout the cooling system, operating temperatures skyrocket and can ultimate