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Off Your Carburetor Dirt Tuning The Motorcraft 2100 Fuel Filter Removed

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Shane recommends replacing the threaded-in sintered fuel filter with a fitting (shown here). This filter is very restrictive, and you are better off with a larger fuel filter in-line ahead of the carb. Shane runs number 51 jets on his healthy Buick V-6 at about 1,000 to 7,000 feet elevation, where it runs “pig rich.” Brennan runs number 47 jets in his Buick V-6 at about 7,000 feet in Colorado. For a 2100 on a 258, the range of jets should be between number 45 and 47, and for a Buick V-6, number 41 and 50. The range depends on how modified your engine is and your altitude. Neither run a choke, but we have had good luck with a properly adjusted electric choke on our 2100 in our 258ci-powered YJ.