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Off Your Carburetor Dirt Tuning The Motorcraft 2100 Foam Float

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Our 2100 experts disagree on the floats. Shane says he has seen too many of the brass floats leak at the solder joints to trust them. Brennan admits that this can happen, but feels that the brass float is smaller allowing more fuel volume in the bowl. Brennan also says he has seen the foam floats get soaked with fuel. Either way, having the float adjusted properly is key to off-road performance. Also, there is a float spring that some 2150s had on the back side (towards the firewall) of the float that adds a little tension to keep it from bouncing around in the bowl. Adding this spring to an earlier 2100 or a 2150 that lacks the spring will help keep the idle smooth when bouncing down the trail. We’ll keep the foam float we’ve got and found float springs at