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Engine Overheating Products - Cooler Cooling Systems Guide

Posted in How To: Engine on June 1, 2006
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Here are some of the coolest products we've seen for keeping the heat down in your truck. And if your truck stays cool, so can you.

When filling your radiator with coolant, do the world a favor and try using Sierra Antifreeze/Coolant. The stuff is less toxic than conventional ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze because of its propylene glycol (PG) base and is way safer for pets, people, and wildlife if accidentally spilled or boiled over. The PG-based formula still has comparable cooling properties to EG-based coolants. Information: Sierra, 800.323.5440,

Flex-a-lite's Crossflow aluminum radiators with the Flex-a-Fit mounting systems make it a piece of cake to mount your radiator and its cooling accessories. Flex-a-lite offers versions with electric fans, inlets/outlets on either side, and ones that are skinny and tall or short and wide for almost any radiator support you could dream up. The Flex-a-Fit rails allow multiple brackets and mounting points to be placed at almost any spot, which act as heat sinks as well. Information: Flex-a-lite, 800.851.1510,

B&M's Hi-Tek auto tranny cooler is an auxiliary cooler with a built-in fan all in one convenient package. The cooler is pressure-tested to 200 psi, has 1/2-inch NPT fittings and a thermal switch for fan activation at 175 degrees, and comes in a couple of different sizes to fit your cooler needs. The fan only draws 6 amps and flows 500 cfm on the big version, and 350 cfm on the smaller one. Information: B&M Racing,

These little red jobbies don't really do anything to improve your cooling or anything like that, but we sure do love the fact that they keep our skin on. Clamp-Aid has invented these little rubber ends for the sharp edges of hose clamps, and if you've ever worked on an engine before, then you probably have a few hose-clamp scars to prove it. We were sick of bleeding all over our engine compartments, so we grabbed as many of these as we could to fit on every engine we owned, and now we bleed a little less when working on our junk. Information: Clamp-Aid, 323.751.2046,

Gunk and grit will build up on the edges of your cooling system and on the interior of your radiator, reducing cooling effectiveness. A good way to rid your cooling system of some of that junk is to use Justice Brothers radiator cleaner to clear it out. Just pour it in the system, run your engine for about 10 minutes or until its to normal operating temperature to allow the cleaner to circulate and break down the grime. Once this has been done, shut the engine off, drain the cooling system of everything you can, and refill it with your normal cooling solution. Information: Justice Brothers, 800.835.8784,

Design Engineering's CryO2 cryogenic intake system puts a new twist on some old-school technology. DEI uses a bottle of liquid CO2 to cool down air-intake temperature by injecting it into objects placed within the airstream, cooling air-intake temperatures by as much as 35 percent. There are multiple configurations for kits, including some that cool intercoolers. Information: Design Engineering Inc., 800.264.9472,

Electric fans are a great way to free up some of that parasitic drag on your engine's pulley drive system. Flex-a-lite's new Syclone electric cooling fans draw only 17 amps and move 2,500 cfm. They can be placed as puller fans or pusher fans on either side of the radiator and can be placed as the main fan or as an auxiliary one. Information: Flex-a-lite,800.851.1510,

Earl's Performance Products has a new line of Temp-A-Cure oil coolers with a black finish. With three available widths and cooling row choices of 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 25, or 34 rows, we're sure you'll find one that meets your system's needs. The Temp-A-Cure coolers have AN-contoured male inlets from 6- to 16AN size so you can plumb it into almost any situation. Information: Earl's Performance Products, 310.609.1602,

Derale has a pretty trick tranny pan that uses multiple built-in cooling tubes to allow more transfer of heat from oil to air. The pan can reduce your transmission temperature by 20 degrees, with just a little ingenuity. You can find pans for fullsize Chevy, Dodge, and Ford transmissions. We're not sure how well they work when you pack 'em with mud though, so if they're on a serious 'wheeler, then take a second to spray the tubes out after any admirable mud romps. Information: Derale Cooling Products, 800.421.6288,

Flowkooler's water pumps are the best low-speed, high-flow-rate water pumps on the market. This is especially good for rockcrawlers and trail riders that keep lower rpm levels throughout the day, only sporadically revving engines into the higher end. The Flowkooler water pumps double the water flow rate at lower speeds, but return to normal flow rates above 3,500 rpm. These aren't the water pumps drag racers want to turn to, but they're perfect for off-roaders. Information: Flowkooler, 805.544.8841,

LC Enterprises has got one of those little products that should have been made available 20 years ago, but no one ever thought of it. Thermocap not only caps off your radiator, but also gives you an accurate reading of the temperature inside your radiator, from right there on the cap. Its high-pressure regulator is designed to keep your coolant from boiling at temperatures approaching 272 degrees, but hopefully you'll have a great cooling system after reading this story and you'll never have to worry about your cooling temperatures ever getting this high. Information: LC Enterprises, 951.940.6068,

The more input you have on drivetrain components, the better. Auto Meter has transmission and differential temperature gauges to let you know how cool or hot your gears are running, before a plume of smoke tells you that things just got too hot. Auto Meter has gauges in a multitude of styles and sizes, both mechanical and electric. And if you're having some trouble trying to find a place to put a sender, then Auto Meter has you covered with this handy temperature-sender manifold that goes inline between your tranny and the cooler. Information: Auto Meter, 815.899.0800,

Be Cool has a few different aluminum catch cans to hold any overflow your cooling system might see. They are fitted for recovery systems as well so the coolant will flow back into the radiator as the system cools. A great way to add a little class to your cooler. Information: Be Cool, 989.895.9699,

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