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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Engine Skid - Hittin' The Skids

Jeep Medic Enigne Skid
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted November 1, 2006

A heavy Piece of Security

Recently we outfitted a Wrangler Unlimited with a Rock Krawler long-arm suspension. The kit came with a really nice bellypan/crossmember that left the transfer case untouchable, but we had a whole bunch of real estate in front of it just waiting to be claimed by a rock. Rock Krawler directed us to Jeep Medic Fabrication's 1/4-inch A-572 steel tranny and engine skid for a 4.0L that was more than stout enough to lay the entire Jeep on. It was heavy, but we got it on in less than 45 minutes including drilling two holes in the bellypan to mount the engine/tranny skid.

Jeep Medic has a variety of engine skids for long- or short-arm Jeeps, both TJ and Unlimited 4.0L Wranglers.


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