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We got the chance to spend a few minutes talking with Joel Woolf of Veg Powered Systems in Ojai, California. He let us in on a few points of how his kits work but is pretty secretive about what it takes to make a long-lasting, vegetable-oil-burning diesel. About 30 companies do veggy-oil conversions out there right now, but Veg Powered Systems seems to have taken the lead by offering the premier kit to own. Running vegetable oil in your diesel has to be carefully thought out, and therefore no hack universal kit will cut it for a number of reasons. In this tank is a specially designed heater measured and built for this specific tank's volume. Heat is only one way to get your veggy-burner to run smoothly, though, and not all diesel engines like their fuel at the same temperature. Different diesel engines like different veggy-fuel inlet temperatures (accomplished with line heaters) to run with the best performance and smoothness. Again, it takes a specifically designed kit to accomplish this.