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Molded Plastic Intake

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8. These engines use a molded plastic intake, but there are different styles depending on engine model. From left to right are: LS1, LS6 (LS6 has the inlet air-temp sensor on the side of the intake), truck intake (also known as an LQ9), LS2, and LS7. All the intakes are swappable except LS7. The LS7 uses a different mounting angle and has more square inlets compared to the more rectangular earlier engine, thus the LS7 and LS2 are referred to as Generation IV engines. One way to tell the intakes apart is the LS2 and LS7 have a 90mm throttle body with four mounting bolts while LS1, LS6, and truck intakes all use the 75mm throttle body with three mounting bolts. The LS2 and the LS7 intakes have the best airflow characteristics of the Gen III and IV engines, while the best torque ratings come from the truck (LQ9) intakes.