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4x4 Truck Filters: Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters - Muck Busters

Posted in How To: Engine on September 1, 2009
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Where we go, the air isn't always clean, the fuel isn't always contaminant-free, and the oil...well, let's just say the oil has a lot of work to do keeping our engines spinning during full-throttle assaults across mud holes, up rock faces, and through sandy washes. The saving grace of any truck is the filters. Filters are like the bouncer at your favorite bar. He lets all the pretty girls in and keeps the dirtbags out. Everyone knows you need to change your filters at regular intervals, but here in this latest Back to Basics installment we'll explain why it's important to do so.

K&N has been making performance air filters for over 35 years with a unique design. Four to six layers of woven cotton gauze in the filter element are soaked in oil then surrounded by two layers of coated aluminum wire mesh to catch particles while still allowing the air to rush through at flow rates better than stock. Every K&N filter goes through dyno testing, so it not only fits perfectly but also produces horsepower gains over stock due to the greater airflow. K&N also offers a line of universal-style cone filters and a new line of Baja proven off-road filters.

Oil is both coolant and bearing-surface protection that battles the heat and friction in your engine. No air filter is 100 percent efficient; some tiny particles make their way into the oil system through the engine breather system or the combustion chamber. Internal engine components slowly wear, but in most cases these small pieces of metal contaminants are minimal unless the engine has encountered lubrication or mechanical problems. Fram offers a full line of oil filters including the High Mileage, Extra Guard, Tough Guard, and Extended Guard.

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