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Nissan Titan Rumble & Flow

Nissan Titan Driving In Sand
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted June 1, 2012

Bolt-On Power

There’s a certain school of thought that if something can be made, it can always be made better. The 4x4 hobby pretty much lives by that philosophy. From long-travel suspension systems to plug-and-play engine tuners, it’s our way of telling the OEMs thanks for the hard work, but we’ll take it from here. Understandably the factory has more restrictions than the aftermarket.

One area where OEMs are often restricted is the exhaust. It seems as though while everyone knows the rudimentary engine principle that more air (plus fuel) means more power, some regulators don’t want to hear the aggressive rumble of your V-8. Fortunately the aftermarket understands that a performance exhaust system doesn’t have to be obnoxious, and releasing that muffled factory tone is usually a pleasure on the ears (for gearheads at least).

Flowmaster is a great example of an exhaust company that understands the wants and needs of the 4x4 enthusiasts.

With seemingly endless exhaust systems and mufflers to choose from, Flowmaster specializes in transforming your restrictive and often wheezy sounding factory exhaust into a formidable rumble.

We recently got the chance to install one of Flowmaster’s American Thunder performance cat-back exhaust systems on an ’07 Nissan Titan 4x4. Working with a cold-air intake system from S&B Filters, we found both kits to be high-quality and extremely installer-friendly. They bolted on in just a couple of hours, and the results could be felt and heard. In the end, the subtle performance gains were very welcome for the 5.6L quad-cab commuter and made turning the 35-inch cleats a bit easier both on and off the road.


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Peas & Carrots
The old saying ”One goes with the other” is true for many things. To complement the new exhaust system we fitted the 5.6L Titan with a cold-air intake kit from S&B Filters. Inside the larger S&B air box is a washable air filter designed to draw in a greater volume of air faster and more efficiently than the stock intake. And since we can service the filter, it’s much easier to keep our truck running smooth and clean after weekend outings in the dirt.


Flowmaster Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
S&B Filters
Ontario, CA 91761