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Airaid Cold Air Intake Install - 2013 Ford Raptor

Airaid Cold Air Intake
Chris Rogers | Writer
Posted January 15, 2014

Better Inhaling With Airaid

The Ford Raptor comes equipped with a healthy 6.2L V-8 engine, but there's always room for performance improvement where the factory left off. We found a quick and easy way to add a few more ponies. Jacob Lopez at Bullet Proof Diesel installed an Airaid cold air intake system on a 2013 Raptor in less than half an hour.

Their Raptor-specific intake kit is a complete solution that replaces the stock filter setup, but keeps the filter in the factory location. The addition of cold air dam panels help ensure cooler outside air is directed to the filter element, instead of the hotter underhood air, to increase engine power.

Two filter types are offered in their kits: an oiled SynthaFlow filter and their SynthaMax dry filter. Airaid dyno results show an increase of 12 horsepower and 14 pound-foot of torque using their cold air setup over the factory filter unit on the Raptor engine.

Step By Step

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  • 1. Here’s the kit designed specifically for the Ford Raptor. It includes the new filter element, cold air dam panels, intake tube/boot, and all the small hardware needed to make the conversion.

  • 2. The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor was disconnected. Then, the factory intake tube, upper half of the air box, and filter were all removed.

  • 3. The two cold air dam panels were assembled and attached to the remaining lower half of the factory air box.

  • 4. The MAF sensor was pulled from the factory intake and installed into the new Airaid intake tube. Next, the tube was installed using the supplied flexible hose and hardware. The MAF connector was reinstalled.

  • 5. Finally, the new filter assembly was attached to the intake tube and clamped in place. Rubber weatherstrip is provided as well to install over the top of the panels. Now, the truck is ready to breathe better.


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