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Diesel Engine Swap Guide - Oil Burners ' R' Us

Posted in How To: Engine on March 25, 2007 Comment (0)
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Photographers: Jeep Archives

Most of us are old enough to remember the '80s. Those of us who aren't still remember the '80s diesel cars going 40 in the fast lane, belching smoke, and clattering like mad in the 90s and beyond. Whether your nemesis was a turbo-diesel Mercedes coupe or a diesel-powered Volkswagen, that feeling of having just touched something dirty remains after following one of these pigs.

In the last 20 years, diesel engines have made leaps and bounds in noise, power output, and emissions. Still, we've spent a lot of time this past year bench racing to decide which project we are going to put a diesel in first.

Whatever we end up with, you benefit. This story is all about sharing. Here are our CliffsNotes of diesel-swapping, which we've stumbled across in the last year or so.

You didn't think that one of the leaders in Jeep-swap facilitation was going to miss out on the diesel engine craze, did you? Advance Adapters has a complete swap ready to go, featuring an International 2.8L TGV diesel engine and your favorite GM transmission. As of press time, the company is also exploring other diesel swaps that make sense for the Jeep owner.

Contact: 800/350-2223,

If you are thinking of swapping a latemodel diesel engine into your late-model Jeep, but don't want to screw it up, take your Jeep to Burnsville Off Road. Burnsville has been there and done that. Sure, the Web site is very Hemi-oriented, but rest assured the company has experience with diesel swaps, too.

Contact: 952/890-3990,

If your diesel itch is for a Cummins power plant, and you want the best, go right to the source. As you might expect from the company that supplies Dodge and others with diesel engines, it has every engine you could want.

Contact: 800/343-7357,

For you guys in the Southeast, or within driving distance of the Southeast, Cummins Power South has what you need and is conveniently located. Whether you are looking for a 12-valve, hook-one-wireup- and-go 5.9L or a 24-valve, computercontrolled, late model-unit, or anything in between, Cummins South has it.

Contact: 800/768-7278,

It started with Fords, and for you Jeep guys with Ford transmissions already, that works great. Ford Cummins, as you might imagine, specializes in repowering Fords with Cummins engines. The company is branching out into Jeeps, but right now, it has adapters, flywheels, and flexplates to bolt that Cummins engine to your Ford transmission

Contact: 406/755-8878,

Everyone knows that Gale Banks Engineering is a major force in the aftermarket for diesel-equipped vehicles, but now, in addition to just about any power modification you can think of, it's adding complete engine assemblies. Now in stock is the 6.6L Duramax engine, brand-new as assembled by Dmax-ltd.

Contact: 877/278-0213,

The site might not have anything to sell, but this grassroots group of Jeep enthusiasts has put up information and a mailing list that includes information on Volvo, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Cummins, Mercedes Benz, and just about any other manufacturer you might think of. If the diesel engine exists, chances are that you can find info about putting it in your Jeep here. If it isn't on this site, the link to what you want to know probably is.


If you've got a CJ, YJ, or TJ and want a diesel motor, and are looking at the 4BT Cummins engine, save yourself some grief and go to Jeff Daniels Jeeps. The company has got this install down to a science. If you want, even on the TJ, your factory gauges can be made to work with the new engine, and the install looks factory original.

Contact: 215/256-8999,

Painless Performance now has harnesses available for the 24-valve Cummins inline-six that was put in Dodge trucks from '03-'07. If you can manage to snag one those engines and a few key componants from the donor truck, with this harness, your swap is almost half done.

Contact: 817/244-6212,

If your concern with bolting up a transmission you already have or can readily find is the only thing stopping you from going to diesel then wait no longer. The 4L80E, 700R4, Allison, ZF6, Muncie, and C6 are but a few of the transmissions that you can bolt up using adapters from this company. It also has custom starters to get that diesel engine going.

Contact: 318/742-7754,

Looking to save a few bucks by snagging a remanufactured engine? Power Pro remanufactures all the major diesel engines and can ship direct to your door. The stock the company has is amazing. However, you better have a core to supply them with or your reasonably priced deal goes up the scale a bit.

Contact: 888/608-4890,

Don't know where to get that longedfor diesel engine? Whether it is a Ford, Cummins, Navistar, Detroit Diesel, New Holland, or Caterpillar engine you are looking for, Rhino Engines can supply your diesel swap project with the torque monster you need.

Contact: 800/454-8130,


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