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Jeep Built Engines - Smack In The Box

Gm Parts Ht
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted March 25, 2008

Ready-Made Crate Engine Power Hitters

Some of us like to make our pancakes from scratch, some of us grab the Aunt Jemima box, and some of us just drive to I-hop. no matter which type you are, if you're contemplating a serious Jeep build, chances are you'll be yanking the stock engine for a high-horsepower replacement. You'll have tons of choices, from a scratch rebuild to a ready-to-run crate engine. here are 10 really good choices for anything from an early flattie to a prerunner J-truck.

You may be asking yourself what a 60-degree V-6 that cranks out 160 hp and 194 lb-ft of torque is doing in a high-performance crate engine story. but if you're the unlucky owner of a 2.8L-equipped Jeep vehicle, those numbers look pretty good. the ht 3.4L offers up 50 hp and 46 lb-ft more than the 2.8L turdlinger and it uses the same exhaust, front accessories, and motor mounts, making for an easy upgrade. the 3.4L gets its 204 cube displacement with a 3.62-inch bore and 3.31-inch stroke, culminating in a zippy 9.0:1 compression.

contact: Gm Performance Parts, 800/577-6888,

Yes, it's a perfect trophy truck engine, but we're sure there are some Jeep guys with deep pockets out there who would consider katech Performance's all-aluminum, 500 cube Ls engine. based on a Dart t-6 aluminum block, the engine features highlights such as forged 4.205-inch pistons, forged crank and rods, a dry sump oil system, aluminum heads, and several different induction, front accessory, exhaust, and electronic packages. the Desert Attack 500 makes 700 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque, but the company also has less aggressive, less expensive options available.

contact: katech Performance, 866/kAtech1,

There's a reason everybody puts a small-block chevy in his or her Jeep. Parts are cheap and easy to come by, and the aftermarket is flush with support. but do us a favor and leave the wheezing 305 at the door. the ZZ383 uses a 3.80-inch, 4340 forged-steel crank, sturdy powder metal rods, and hypereutectic pistons to squeeze the mixture to 9.6:1 with GmPP's excellent Fast burn aluminum cylinder heads. A serious 222/230 @ 0.050, 0.509/0.528 lift hydraulic roller cam handle the 2.00-intake and 1.55-exhaust valves to the tune of 425 hp and 449 lb-ft when outfitted with a single plenum manifold and 750cfm carb.

contact:Gm Performance Parts, 800/577-6888,

At first, $8,500 sounds like a lot of coin for an Amc engine, but speed-o-motive's 401 torque master actually proves to be a good deal. consider the fact that even used 401 cores can fetch up to $1,000, and then realize that the torque master comes fully assembled from carb to pan, features edelbrock aluminum heads, intake and 750cfm carb; forged crank, h-beam rods, and hypereutectic pistons; and even an msD ignition-and you'll see that it's a big bang for your buck. Each speed-o-motive torque master is broken in and dyno-tuned, and shipping is free, though there is a $150 crating and insurance fee. Best of all, the durable 401 will pump out more than 400 hp and 425 lb-ft all day long.

contact:speed-o-motive, 626/869-0270,

Now that banks is offering brand-new 6.6L Duramax crate engines for $14,989, we want to see what you build with them. these are new, "as shipped" Duramax engines, assembled by Dmax-Ltd in moraine, ohio, and include the following key components: cylinder block, cylinder heads, Rotating Assembly (crank, pistons, rods, etc), Valvetrain (cam, valves, lifters, springs, etc), VG turbocharger, eGR system, Fuel system (cP3 pump, injectors, HP rails), oil Pan, Water Pump, Flywheel housing (w/ Gm bolt pattern), engine Wiring harness, Flexplate, and Front Damper. You'll need to provide the ecU, fan, A/c compressor, alternator, and starter.

contact:Banks Power, 877/278-0213,

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