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Powerful Jeep Engines - 10 Proven Power Plays

2002 Tj Sport Engine
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted April 1, 2008
Photographers: John Cappa, John Sweetser

Dyno-Verified Engine Upgrades

With all the power parts and combos we've installed and dyno'd over the years, it seemed a shame to just let them slip blindly into oblivion.

So instead of forgetting where we came from, we dug through the Jp archives in search of some real-world, dyno-proven power-adders. whether just a single component like a turbo or nitrous system, or a carefully selected combination of aftermarket parts, here are 10 proven power plays you can make with your Jeep.

July 2002, p. 86

Power Play Combo:Intercooled 4.0l Supercharger

For Jp's tJ project vehicle, red, Cappa, and crew kept the power upgrades simple.

They brought the vehicle to avenger superchargers for the installation of the company's 4.0l intercooled supercharger system and a new set of 23lb/hr injectors to replace the factory 19lb/hr units.

Vehicle Specs:
2002 Jeep TJ Sport
NV3550 transmission
3.73 gears
32-inch tires
Power Gains:
stock: 193 hp, 239 lb-ft*
Modified: 266 hp, 348 lb-ft*
*Note - numbers corrected to indicate power at flywheel, not rear tires

Avenger Superchargers

August 2006, P. 72

Simple 4.0L Breathing
Power Play Combo: Edge Trail Jammer Compete 4.0L System

When it came time to upgrade the power level on Jp's project steal-J wrangler, we had no desire to crack into the stock, undamaged exhaust system.

Rather, we concentrated our efforts on the intake and fuel side of the equation. Edge product's trail Jammer system utilizes a highflow, cold-air intake, a bored 62mm throttle body, and an electronic control module that increases the fuel delivery to complement the engine's ability to draw more air. the results in drivability and mileage were welcome additions, with gains of 15 hp and an increase in mileage of 1.3 mpg.

Vehicle Specs:
1997 TJ wrangler sport
TF999 auto transmission
3.07 gears
30-inch tires
Power Gains:
stock: 126 hp, 171 lb-ft*
Modified: 141 hp, 181 lb-ft*
*Note - numbers taken at rear tires

Edge Products

December 2004, P. 32

YJ Wheezer Squeezing

Back in 2004, tech editor hazel suddenly found himself the owner of a cheap, 100K-mile '95 yJ with a good-running 2.5l and an aX-5 tranny.

It was quiet, economical, and comfortable to drive, so naturally he modded the hell out of it until it was loud and uncomfortable. here's the power play and dyno numbers from the engine modification installment of the buildup. while it's impressive that we actually raised horsepower by 14 percent, the power came on at a much higher rpm and driveability actually suffered. in reality, it was a nicer-driving vehicle with the stock drivetrain. live and learn.

Power Play Combo:
Flex-a-lite electric fan, pn 475
Banks torquetube header
Banks stinger exhaust random technolgies high flow catalytic converter,pn 822201
Stock 58mm 4.0l throttle body
AEM Brute Force air intake and filter

Vehicle Specs:
1995 YJ wrangler
AX-5 transmission
4.10 gears
29-inch tires
Power Gains:
stock: 100 hp, 121 lb-ft*
Modified: 114 hp, 128 lb-ft*
*Note - numbers taken at rear tires



The Dyno Shop


Random Technology

December 2004, P. 46

XJ 4.0L hop up

Power Play Combo:
Performance Distributors 4.0l Firepower
Ignition Kit, Pn 4.0Kit
Performance Distributors
Harness Adapter, Pn
K&N Fuel Injection
Performance Kit, Pn
Gibson Stainless Steel
Header, Pn Gp400s
Gibson After-Cat Exhaust, Pn 617200
Rubicon Express 62mm
Throttle Body, Pn Re1062Hypertec PowerProgrammer III

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