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Input And Ouput Fittings

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The trickiest part is adapting the A/C lines to plumb the system. Threaded A/C fittings are not regular NPT; they are specific to A/C. Some use a bulkhead arrangement with O-rings and a retaining bolt for suction and discharge ports. Bulkhead-style fittings are usually swedged to flexible hoses that can’t be reused. With bulkhead fittings, nab the lines hooked to the compressor or cut the metal portion to solder on new fittings. Threaded fittings adapt easier. It appears all Sanden compressor heads (the back portion of the compressor) are a standardized bolt pattern, so it’s possible to replace a bulkhead-style head with a threaded-style head if the ports are on the back of the compressor. If the fittings are in the body of the compressor, all bets are off.