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JET welded a drain plug on the pan before buttoning everything up, poured in some ATF, and got ready for the dyno. Every transmission that JET rebuilds is run on its dyno. Manuel Nungaray (second half of the now infamous Nungaray brothers) bolted the fresh C6 behind the dyno’s Chevy small-block, while JET technicians Steve White and Scott Neeley put the tranny through its paces. JET checks for proper operation, shift points, line pressure, and any leaks as the transmission is brought up to normal operating temperature. Driving the C6 is now a pleasure once again. The Bronco shifts with authority, yet without harshness, and will properly kick down when the driver plants his right foot. The low gearset (actually a wide ratio set, considering both First and Second gears are lowered) really helps the emissions-ladened 400 get out of its own way. We’re happy, and we’re looking forward to another 20 years with a better C6.