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Gas Attack! Full-Size Jeep Auxiliary Fuel Tank

FullSize Jeep Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted October 25, 2013

Verifying an original dealer-installed tank's capacity

Jp's "Monkey Bus" '78 Cherokee Chief is in the beginning stages of a Chevy Performance E-Rod engine conversion. One of the dealer-installed options that graced this '70s-era fuel guzzler was an auxiliary 20-gallon Trailblazer fuel tank that mounts under the rear cargo area in place of the spare tire. After some head scratching and bench racing, we decided to completely ditch the factory side-saddle tank and modify the Trailblazer to work with the injected 5.3L GM engine. But before we did that, we needed to verify the old-school claims that it actually held 20 gallons.


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