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Gear Box November 2013

Posted in How To on November 1, 2013
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STACK Multi-function Display Stack’s new multi-function display has many key features including GPS track mapping and overlay, a CAN ECU Gateway template editor and a Microsoft Excel data import utility. The aluminum casing, waterproof and shockproof display also comes with 14 channels for data logging, and is compatible with popular aftermarket ECUs. If that isn’t enough, you can add more optional features to your STACK MFD like telemetry, synchronized video logging, a five-stage sequential shift light and more.
STACK (888) 867-5183

Stack Display 300x174 Photo 68812242 The MFD is ready to go right out of the box!

Pro Comp 3029 La Paz Wheel Are you looking for that “off-road” look, but don’t have the money for some full-race beadlock wheels? Well, Pro Comp’s new machined La Paz wheel just might be what you’re looking for. Inspired by off-road racing, the La Paz wheel features a five-spoke design and simulated bead locks. However, Pro Comp states that their faux design isn’t just for looks. The rim itself is extra thick for added protection, and is finished with a durable clear coat and gold bolts for a long lasting finish.
PRO COMP (800) 776-0767

ProComp Wheels 300x300 Photo 68812245 The La Paz is available in 16- and 17-inch diameters, as well as a satin black finish.

Rigid Industries Ford F-250 LED Grille The new Ford F-250 LED Grille by Rigid Industries is designed specifically for the 2012-2013 models. The aftermarket grille allows for one 30-inch Rigid Industries E-Series LED light bar to be mounted inside the two-piece, laser-cut stainless steel grille. Welding is not required for this project, as the grille is assembled with stainless steel bolts and nyloc nuts.
RIGID INDUSTRIES (480) 655-0100

Rigid Industries FORD LED Grille 300x110 Photo 68812248 The Rigid Industries grille securely mounts to OEM mounting locations.

Ironclad Gloves Touchscreen Work Glove One of the downfalls to today’s touchscreen devices is that you have to access your phone with your bare hands. While it may not seem like a problem to most, it is to mechanics, or any other glove-wearing person. However, with Ironclad’s new touchscreen work glove, they state that this is a problem of the past. Whether you’re logging some information into your tablet or simply making a phone call, Ironclad’s TS1 palm technology will allow you to do so.
IRONCLAD GLOVES (888) 314-3197

Ironclad Gloves Touchscreen 300x195 Photo 68812251 The Durable Gloves still allow use of a touchscreen.

RCV Performance Products Ultimate Series 30 CV Joint The Ultimate Series 30 CV joint is manufactured with a size 30 RCV housing and features a bearing cage and inner race made with 300M alloy steel for high strength, shock resistance and durability. Although the CV joints are only readily available in 35-, 40- and 47-spline counts, RCV can also configure the CV to your requirements. All RCV CV housings receive a black oxide coating, and optional nickel plating is available for extra corrosion resistance.

RCV CV Joint 300x277 Photo 68812254 100-percent Made in America and backed by RCV’s lifetime warranty.

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