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Hummer H3 Lift Kit - Cruising Altitude

Snow Jump
Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted July 1, 2006

Rancho's award-winning H3 suspension system

Rancho Suspension's reaction to the new Hummer H3 was fast and furious. Within just a short time of the H3's release, Rancho unveiled the industry's first suspension system for said vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the accolades began rolling in--not the least of which was the '05 SEMA award for Best New Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive Product. Naturally, we were eager to install the kit and see what all the hoopla was about.

So we made arrangements to visit our friends at Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, while they installed the kit under a project vehicle belonging to Real Wheels Accessories. The install was eye opening--not to mention quicker than we expected. What follows is an overview of the major components and how they all fit like a glove.


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Rancho Suspension
Monroe, MI 48161
Attitude Performance
Arlington Heights, IL
Zyoxx Wheels
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