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Flex Mount Exploded View

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3. This is an exploded view of the Flex Mount. It incorporates a rubber O-ring that allows for flex, yet also keeps things centered. This mount's purpose is to provide up to 7.5 degrees of misalignment in any direction when the J'Shock's shaft contacts the target. This is useful in reducing side loads to the unit in IFS applications where the suspension travels in an arc. It is also beneficial on a rockbuggy that misaligns its axle to its frame during huge flex. When using the Flex Mount, a concave or cupped foot and convex, or domed, target are recommended. This is the setup I went with, and it seems to work well in deflecting the JounceShocks during big flex. A ridged upper mount and domed foot and flat target are also available; these might work better in some applications.