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Ford Super Duty Suspension - Playing The Odds

Front View
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted July 1, 2007

We Test Pro Comp's Double XX Super Duty 8-Inch Dual Coilover Kit.

We bet that risk factor was low on the minds of Ford's top executives when they decided to retire the Super Duty's tried-and-true front leaf packs in favor of coil springs for 2005. Coils are a proven concept, as everyone from designers and engineers to end users would agree. The switch prompted praise from all, including us. We predicted the revision would vastly improve ride quality on what some say is still the undisputed leader when it comes to hauling.

However, much of the benefit associated with coil springs was sacrificed on the Super Duty due to a combination of inadequate factory dampers with overly stiff coil springs. Unfortunately, the silky-smooth ride quality that much of the industry expected from the new configuration wasn't present in stock form. But we had to give Ford credit for making the change, successfully opening up a plethora of aftermarket opportunities that could improve both ride quality and performance. The move was good for all of us in Truck Land.

The proof of this became crystal-clear when Pro Comp introduced its new Double XX kit which features four-count 'em-custom-tuned 2.75-inch front coilover shocks, each with a remote reservoir and high-quality progressive-wound coil spring. Why four? The answer lies in dependability. The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of nowhere is a broken coilover shock, so Pro Comp, like many professional desert racers, spread the burden between two coilover shocks at each front corner. Doing so effectively improved the odds of dependability and strength.

Just like a roulette table in Vegas, we couldn't pass up a spin. So we tested the new 8-inch Double XX arrangement (also available in a 6-inch version). Follow along as we show you all the trick components, a few must-have complements to the kit, and our results from a full year's worth (50,000 miles) of testing by one of the most destructive volunteer testdrivers we know.


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