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4x4 Truck Leveling Kit Buyers Guide

Posted in How To: Suspension Brakes on June 1, 2009
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Sag is a beyotch. We're talking about what begins to happen to your body right about the age-40 mark-and that thing your truck does from heavy bumpers, a winch, or a plow, towing, and various other culprits. Now, seeing that this is Four Wheeler magazine, we can help with the truck, but you're on your own for the rest. A quick cure is a leveling kit. The name gives away the purpose: it levels the front and rear of pickups and SUVs. Some side effects? You can fit bigger rubber and there's more ground clearance. Here's a look at some of your options.

BDS Suspension
What: 2 1/2-inch kit for the 2009 Ford F-150
Where: 517/279-2135,
Wares: A new upper strut mount and preload spacers are included. A 1-inch rear block kit is optional.
Words: "The use of a preload spacer increases performance in cornering as well as offsets the increased weight of larger tires to maintain a quality ride."
Wallet: About $150

Cognito Motorsports
What: 2001-'09 GM eight-lug and six-lug 3-inch system
Where: 866/426-4648,
Wares: A tubular upper control-arm kit for added down travel, and extra caster is built into the arm for drivability. Uniball and ball-joint versions are available.
Words: "The upper control-arm kit corrects ball-joint angle and front-end alignment issues."
Wallet: Starts at around $500

RockJock 4x4/Currie
What: 2007-up Jeep Wrangler long-travel leveling kit
Where: 714/982-5310,
Wares: There are 2 1/4-inch coil-spring spacers, bumpstop spacers, front brake-line relocation brackets, and new Heim-jointed adjustable sway-bar links.
Words: "Maximize suspension travel."
Wallet: About $220

Off Road Unlimited
What: 2 1/2-inch kit for the 2005-'07 Toyota Tacoma
Where: 818/563-1208,
Wares: A pair of Off Road Unlimited-fabricated welded steel spacers.
Words: "Provides an additional 2 1/2 inches of front lift to clear tires up to 33 inches in diameter."
Wallet: About $130

Extreme Suspensions and Performance
What: 1-2-inch 2007-'08 Chevy/GMC pickup and SUV kit
Where: 432/617-3772,
Wares: Strut spacers and hardware.
Words: "Easy installation and maintains factory ride."
Wallet: Runs about $60

What: 3-inch HP Series for the 1998-2009 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500
Where: 760/749-8687,
Wares: Includes variable-rate coil springs, billet-aluminum drop blocks, and Bilstein shocks.
Words: "Heavy-duty coils and parts we actually race with, not to mention a pair of shocks."
Wallet: $385

What: 1- to 2 1/2-inch QuickLIFT for Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota pickups and SUVs
Where: 734/384-7804,
Wares: Fixed-seat coilovers.
Words: "Levels the front suspension and enhances ride."
Wallet: Starts around $450

Fabtech Performance Suspensions
What: 2-inch system for the 2009 Ford F-150
Where: 877/432-2832,
Wares: Front billet spacers that work with the factory coilover shock assemblies.
Words: "The design of these billet spacers is at the maximum height without creating ball-joint or tie-rod bind."
Wallet: MSRP is $129

Kelderman Mfg.
What: Kits for the 2008-up Ford F-450
Where: 800/334-6150,
Wares: Varies; the 4-inch air-ride system includes airbags, upper framework, bottom swing arm, and 2 1/2-inch receiver hitch.
Words: "Two rear air options that can be matched with either air or nonair front systems."
Wallet: Starts around $1,600

Low Range Off-Road
What: 3-inch kit for the 2007-'09 Toyota Tundra
Where: 801/805-6644,
Wares: Parts such as 6061-T6 aluminum spacers with preinstalled studs, flanged Nyloc nuts, and solid-aluminum rear blocks with a 3.5-degree taper, skidplate drop spacers, and bumpstop spacers.
Words: "Designed to fit on top of the coil-spring assembly."
Wallet: $299

Firestone Industrial Products
What: Coil-Rite kit for the 2007-'09 Jeep Wrangler
Where: 800/888.0650,
Wares: Air springs and air-line and separate valves for manual operation, and hardware
Words: "A pair of Coil-Rite air springs supports up to 500 pounds of load-leveling capacity."
Wallet: $90-$100

Pure Performance
What: Kit for Ford F-150s, Chevy/GMC pickups and SUVs, Dodge Ram 1500, and Toyota pickups and SUVs
Where: 518/270-9822,
Wares: Two kits fit various apps; both have strut spacers that are 1 1/4-inch tall, made from 3/16-inch-thick laser-cut steel plates, and precision-welded.
Words: "Thanks to the science of laser-cutting and carriage bolts, we get a ton of applications out of only two part numbers."
Wallet: $125 per kit

Rocky Mountain Suspension Products
What: Daystar Comfort Ride 2 1/2-inch kit for most applications
Where: 800/742-3171,
Wares: Front strut spacer.
Words: "Improve the all-around on- and off-road capabilities at an affordable price."
Wallet: About $130

Performance Accessories
What: The Premium Lift system for popular trucks and Jeeps
Where: 928/636-7080,
Wares: Includes billet front-spring spacers, reinforced nylon body blocks, and CNC-machined billet steering extension.
Words: "Since there are no modifications to the vehicle's suspension system, the factory ride and alignment are not affected."
Wallet: Some kits are less than $300

Revtek Suspension
What: 2-inch system for 1994-2001 Dodge 1500, 2500, and 3500; 2002-'09 2500 and 3500; and 2006-'09 Mega Cab
Where: 877/543-8869
Wares: Cast-aluminum spacers that mount between the top of the coil springs and the spring perches.
Words: "The system retains the stock shocks and springs for a comfortable ride."
Wallet: Around $140

Pro Comp Suspension
What: 2 1/2-inch system for the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500
Where: 619/216-1444,
Wares: Front spacers with bumpstop extensions and rear spacers, with black powdercoat finish.
Words: "Allows fitment of larger-size tire-and-wheel combinations, up to 35-inch-tall tires."
Wallet: Runs about $220

ProRYDE Suspension Systems
What: Adjustable kit for many applications, including Hummer H2, GM, Toyota Tundra, Dodges, Nissans, and Fords
Where: 800/813-7933,
Wares: Includes Helix-drive design, 1/4-inch-thick top and base plates, and 10.9-Grade studs and hardware.
Words: "Easily installed in the most compact position possible, then simply adjusted to your liking all the way to 3 inches."
Wallet: Close to $300

Rough Country Suspension Products
What: 2 1/2-inch kit for the 2004-'08 Ford F-150
Where: 800/222-7023,
Wares: A special molded spacer.
Words: "The new spacer design is formed to fit the strut hat, giving the appearance of a continuing strut."
Wallet: A hair under $100

What: 1-inch kit for the 2007-up Jeep Wrangler
Where: 801/288-2585,
Wares: Spacers that mount above the factory coil spring.
Words: "The leveling kit will allow you to run up to 33-inch tires with no other modifications necessary."
Wallet: Around $40

Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension
What: 2-inch kit for the 2009 Ford F-150
Where: 800/288-2190,
Wares: They've been powdercoated for durability and install above the struts.
Words: "No strut disassembly required for easy installation."
Wallet: Close to $110

Skyjacker Suspensions
What: 2- to 2 1/2-inch kit for the 2009 Ford F-150, plus kits for GM, other Ford, and Toyota trucks
Where: 866/4-A-Dealer
Wares: Includes front aluminum spacers with new hardware.
Words: "These metal spacer kits are easy to install and maintain the OE ride quality."
Wallet: Starts at $148

Zone Offroad Products
What: 2-inch kit for the 1988-2006 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500
Where: 888/998-9663,
Wares: CNC-machined torsion-bar keys.
Words: "Made in the USA and 100 percent resonant-frequency tested."
Wallet: Under $100

What: Adjustable 2 1/2-inch MAXXCAM2 HD kit for fullsize, torsion bar-equipped GM trucks and SUVs and Hummer H2
Where: 888/629-9226,
Wares: The shock-relocation brackets are constructed from 4140 heat-treated alloy steel. The Super-T-Maxx torsion-bar unloader tool for installation is optional.
Words: "The sturdy, simple solution to ride-height woes."
Wallet: About $250

Stylin' Trucks
What: ReadyLift 1- to 3-inch front kits
Where: 800/434-4381,
Wares: Torsion keys, coil spacers, or shock extenders, depending on the application.
Words: "Easy install-bolts in the stock location; no modification required."
Wallet: Starts at around $100

Truxxx Mfg.
What: 2 1/2-inch front and 1-inch rear kit for the 2007-'09 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500
Where: 888/660-5892,
Wares: Heavy-duty steel strut spacers for the front, replacement blocks and U-bolts at the rear.
Words: "Will enhance the look of the truck, giving it a more pronounced appearance."
Wallet: Approximately $350

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