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Shock Mounts

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There are four common mounts that you'll find for 4x4 shocks. The most common for lower mounts is a U-bracket that slides around both sides of the lower bushing. The shock has a round eye with a bushing and metal insert sleeve (A). Another mount is a stud type. The shock looks the same except the metal insert sleeve isn't used. This is a common top mount for front shocks. The third type is called a stem-top and utilizes the threaded top section of the piston rod (B). The rod, with an series of bushings, stops, and washers, attaches to a bracket on the frame rail. This top mount can be found on the front of several types of vehicles. The fourth type has a barpin inserted through the center of a shock bushing (C). This barpin bolts to the chassis. This is a common upper mounting method for rear shock arrangements.