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You'll need to change the brake lines slightly when going to rear discs from drums. Disc-brake calipers are floating and need a flex line so that as pads wear the line can extend. Our stock Ford rear brake line ran to a central point on the chassis and a single flex line dropped to a T-fitting, which then had hard lines out to the drum wheel cylinders. The rigid lines needed to be cut back and reflared, and short flex lines run to the calipers. The SSBC hoses were too long for our purposes, yet would've worked beautifully if they went straight to a frame-mounted bracket as on a car. We purchased two 8-inch hoses (NAPA PN 25159) pre-crimped with banjo fittings on one end and 3/8-inch inverted flares on the other. A simple hose-to-hard-line bracket and clip solidly held the lines in place.