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The last step is to remove the residual pressure valve from the master cylinder. This valve holds a small amount of pressure in the line as needed by drum brakes. This pressure is detrimental to pad life with disc brakes and so must be defeated. Disconnect the rear brake line running from the brake port (fed by the smaller of the two reservoirs) and thread an extractor or No. 6 sheetmetal screw into the brass seat. Being careful not to deform the brass, pull it from the cavity to gain access to the valve. Remove the small rubber flapper valve and reinstall the brass seat. Tap the brass seat into the proper position and bleed the master cylinder before reinstalling. Finally, bleed the rest of the brake system by starting at the wheel farthest from the master cylinder (right rear) and working toward the closest (left front). Approximately 40 pumps of the brake pedal will bring the inboard (moveable) pad to within 1/32 inch of the rotor for proper clearance. Carefully drive the vehicle and check for correct brake function and a firm pedal.