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Off Road Truck Suspension Lift Kits - Find A New Suspension

Posted in How To: Suspension Brakes on December 1, 2005
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It's getting to be that time of year when lots of people are thinking of plunkin' down some big bucks for some great gifts. But c'mon, we know you'd rather be spending that money on yourself! So we thought we'd entice you with a few ways to drop some change and have a little more to show for it than a thank-you card. Not that a few thank-you notes wouldn't look nice on your mantle for about a week, but wouldn't you rather have a killer suspension sitting under your 4x4? Just tell all your family and friends that their gifts got lost in the mail. Think about it.

Application: '05 Nissan Xterra
Lift: 5 inches
* HD cast replacement steering knuckles that maintain optimum steering geometry
* No drilling or welding required
* Comes with all necessary componentry, including brake lines and sway-bar disconnects for front and rear
* Steering drop bracketry
* Laser-crafted front subframe drop bracket
* Polyuerathane bushings throughout entire kit
Contact: Calmini Manufacturing, 800.345.3305, or

BDS Glide & Ride
Application: '87-'95 Jeep Wrangler YJ
Lift: 5 or 6 inches
* Glide & Ride leaves feature antifriction pads, roll-pointed leaves, full military wrap
* All necessary components, including Kevlar-lined stainless braided brake lines and front shock stem eliminators
* 6-inch kit comes with 1-inch shackle and frame shackle bushings
Contact: BDS Suspension, 517.279.7404,

Application: '80-'96 Ford F-150 and fullsize Bronco
Lift: 4-6 inches (depending on coilover setup)
* New I-beams 4 inches wider than factory with 1-inch spherical bearings in place of pivot bushings
* Capable of cycling 20 inches of travel with pivot bushings
Contact: Camburg Engineering, 714.848.8880, www.camburg.con

Currie Johnny Joint Suspension
Application: '97-'05 Jeep Wrangler TJs and Unlimiteds
Lift: 4 inches
* Eight adjustable control arms with Johnny joints
* 4-inch coils
* New track bar and mount
* Antirock antisway bar
* Rancho 9000 shocks
* Polyurethane bumpstop kits
Contact: Currie Enterprises, 714.528.6957,

Donahoe FSD
Application: '05 Ford Super Duty
Lift: 7 inches
* 7-inch coil guaranteed not to sag
* DR reservoir shocks
* Rear Donahoe leaves or rear block optional
* Caster/camber correction kit
* Radius-arm drop brackets
Contact: Donahoe Racing, 714.632.3033,

Application: Nissan Titan
Lift: 7 inches
* One-piece subframe and drop bracketry
* Extended spindle knuckle to leave the factory upper control arm in stock position
* Available with a coil spacer or a coilover shock replacement
* Deaver rear leaves optional
Contact: California Super Trucks (CST), 951.328.9902,

Application: '00-'05 Chevy HD 2500 and 3500
Lift: 6 inches
* Ductile iron machined spindles
* 1/4-inch steel drop-down brackets
* Transfer case and torsion-bar relocation brackets
* CV spacers
* DT3000 shocks or HV-1 aluminum shocks
Contact: Doetsch Enterprises, 800.874.6257,

Duff Monster Suspension
Application: '66-'77 Ford Broncos
Lift: 3 1/2 or 5 1/2 inches
* Progressive rate coils
* 11-leaf leaf springs
* Complete bushing kit
* Stage 3 radius arms
* Extended brake hoses
* Emergency brake cables
* All necessary componentry
Contact: James Duff, 360.683.2160,

Fabtech SUV/SUT
Application: '00-'05 K1500 Chevy/GMC SUVs and SUTs
Lift: 6 inches
* Rear four-link coil-spring system with new coil
* 1/4-inch-thick crossmembers
* Increased caster for more control with oversized tires
* Retains factory steering centerlink and upper control arms in stock position
Contact: Fabtech Motorsports, 909.597.7800,

Application: '91-'97 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80
Lift: 2 1/2 inches
* Four new leaf springs with a 30 percent stiffer rate
* Rear realignment kit
* Bilstein nitrogen gas shocks
* Rear stainless steel brake hose
Contact: Downey Manufacturing, 562.949.9494,

Application: '03-'05 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500
Lift: 3 inches
* 10 inches of travel
* 2.5 Pro Series remote-reservoir shocks
* Progressive leaf packs
* HD bumpstops
* Progressive variable-rate coils
* Aluminum upper-shock mount
* Mil-spec limiting straps
Contact: Kroeker Off Road Engineering, 760.749.8687,

Kevin's Long-arm Kit
Application: '93-'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ
Lift: 7 inches
* Available with Bilstein 5100 or Pro Comp MX6 shocks
* Track-bar conversion
* Adjustable caster link
* Triangulated rear upper arm assembly
* Kevin's Extreme Duty long-arm system
Contact: Kevin's Off Road, 602.841.3355,

Pro Comp Stage II SD kit
Application: '05 Ford Super Duty
Lift: 7 inches
* Unique replacement radius arms
* MX6 or MX6R shocks available
* New coils and leaves, no spacers
* Factory steering geometry retained
Contact: Pro Comp Suspensions, 800.776.0767,

Application: Hummer H3
Lift: 4-5 inches
* Incorporates Realift relocators that eliminate the need for torsion-bar drop
* 9000X shocks with Pro Series available
* Two-piece crossmember design
* Fits 37-inch tires
* Hummer-inspired differential skidplate armor
Contact: Rancho Suspension, 734.384.7805,

Nth Degree Canyon Crawler
Application: '97-'05 Jeep Wrangler TJ and Unlimited
Lift: 6 inches
* Gyrojoint super isolating control-arm system with Dogleg control-arm design to eliminate tire rub
* Tummy Tucker center skid/crossmember
* Quicksilver cam-actuated antisway bar disconnects
* Stinger rear torque arm system
Contact: Nth Degree Mobility, 775.885.8454,

R.E. Extreme Duty Comanche Kit
Application: Jeep Comanche
Lift: 5 1/2 inches
* Gen II Antisway bar disconnects
* HD track bar
* Chromoly control arms with rubuildable R.E. Superflex joints
* Spring-over conversion kit
* Transfer-case lowering kit
* Front control-arm relocation brackets for better geometry
Contact: Rubicon Express,

Application: Toyota Tundra
Lift: 4-6 inches
* HD front antisway bar
* Bilstein shocks
* 304 stainless steel anti-compression struts
* Braided brake lines
* RCD patented subframe and spindle technology
* One-piece crossmember
* Replacement steering knuckles with preinstalled Toyota wheel bearings
Contact: Race Car Dynamics, 619.588.4723,

Rough Country Evo X-Series
Application: '99-'05 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks
Lift: 4-6 inches
* Race-inspired constant velocity (CV) joints with splined slip shafts that operate up to a 50-degree angle
* Optional billet 7075 upper A-arm
* Optional Fox shocks with kit
* No torsion-bar drop
* Honeycomb design front and rear crossmembers
* Machine-cast powdercoated knuckles
* 100 percent bolt-on, no cutting or drilling
Contact: Rough Country, 800.222.7023,

Rock Krawler Prerunner kit
Application: '94-'02 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500
Lift: 8 inches
* Front coilover shock conversion with 2 1/2-inch-diameter shocks
* Long-arm design that uses instant center geometry
* Trailing arms and track bar made from solid stock
* Drop pitman arm
Contact: Rock Krawler Suspension, 518.270.9822,

Skyjacker "No Destruction" kits
Application: '99-'05 Chevy/GMC 1500, Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe
Lift: 3 inches
* No cranking of torsion bars
* 3/16-inch-thick differential brackets
* Softride rear coil springs
* Greasable rear lower control arms
* Precision engineered steering knuckles

Rusty's FSJ
Application: Fullsize Jeep trucks, Cherokees, and Wagoneers
Lift: 6 inches
* Five-leaf front and six-leaf rear spring packs
* Stainless steel braided brake lines
* Hydro shocks
* Drop pitman arm
Contact: Rusty's Off-Road Products, 256.442.0607,

Application: '05 Ford Super Duty
Lift: 6 inches
* New coils
* Rear add-a-leaf
* Radius arms and track-bar drop brackets
* Drop pitman arm
* Revtek shocks
Contact: Revtek Industries, 877.543.8869,

Application: '03-'05 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500s
Lift: 6 inches
* Superide coils
* Replacement upper and lower control arms
* Dropped pitman arm
* Track-bar bracket
* Optional Rockrunner swiveling control arms
* Optional hoop-style multiple shock system
Contact: Superlift, 800.551.4955,

Tuff Country EZ Ride
Application: '05 Ford Super Duty
Lift: 6 inches
* EZ Ride coil springs
* Radius arm and track-bar drop brackets
* Radius-arm crossbar support for added strength
* New antisway bar links, drop brackets, and bushings
* Brake line relocators
Contact: Tuff Country EZ Ride Suspension, 801.280.2777,

Total Chaos Long Travel kit
Application: '00-'04 Nissan Xterra
Lift: 3-4 inches
* Chromoly tie-rod extensions
* Extended brake lines
* 4130 chromoly 3-inch extended upper and lower control arms utilizing 1-inch Teflon-lined uniballs
* Custom extended heat-treated 300M front axles
Contact: Total Chaos, 951.737.9682,

Teraflex Long-Arm
Application: '99-'04 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
Lift: 4 inches
* 1 3/4-inch DOM control arms with interchangeable modular rod ends
* Low center of gravity philosophy
* Unirail control-arm bracketry
* Replacement antisway bar links
Contact: Tera Manufacturing, 801.256.9897,

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