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Jeep Wrangler Airbag And Coilover Shock Combination

Passenger Side Before
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted May 1, 2006

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We really like the idea of airbag suspension: a system where you could lower or raise your ride at the push of a button, squat the rear end or raise it up, or even pump up one side to keep the 4x4 more level during off-camber situations (with the right controller of course). You've probably heard all these pros of airbags before. But we don't like the fact that you are pretty much screwed if you pop an airbag out on the trail and don't have an extra one. Even if you do carry an extra one, have fun putting it in on the trail.

We came across Universal Air's air-assisted coilovers that let you raise or lower the vehicle 5 1/2 inches. It was like someone was actually listening to us when we described just what we wanted in a spring piece. They sell the bag by itself, the bag already mounted on a coilover, or a complete system with a full air-management kit included. Check it out.


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Universal Air Suspension