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Since the stock bumper is barely heavy enough to be used as a paperweight, we sourced an ARB Bull Bar. Although this hefty unit (100 pounds) made an outstanding platform for the winch and IPF 110-watt driving lights, mounting it up was like doing a jigsaw puzzle without the final picture on the box. Problem: the Bull Bar only accepts winches with non-integrated solenoids (low profile units). Solution: We either had to pony up for a new winch or carve a big hole in the top of the bumper. We spent the cash. Fortunately, the IPF Super Rally 110-watt driving lights and dash-mounted switch were easy to install. The multidirectional mounting hardware made it a cakewalk to adjust on our neighbor's house, and the added visibility would be a big plus when dodging Baja's coyotes and cacti.