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2- To 4- Inch Suspension Systems - On The Low

Toyota Tacoma
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted June 1, 2007

2- To 4-Inch Suspensions That Keep You On The Level

Keeping your wheeler a reliable daily driver is often an uphill battle. On the trail, that 6-inch lift may be the best thing since sliced bread, but what do you do when Monday comes and your truck won't fit into the parking garage? Like everything else in this hobby, keeping your ride low has its pros and cons. We like the trend towards running larger tires with a modest amount of lift. Now, this may mean you have to get Sawzall crazy on your fenders, but maintaining a low center of gravity might be the difference between a flop and cruising right through an obstacle. Compiled here are a list of some of the latest 2- to 4-inch suspension systems that just might be the balance you've been looking for.

Beef up your '05-'06 Tacoma with Skyjacker's new S8000 performance struts. A 1.375-inch piston is supported by the nitrogen gas charge while ride and performance is enhanced by Skyjacker's own true-velocity sensitive valving. Engineered for low maintenance and long life, they are a great way to provide 2.5-3 inches in both 2WD and 4WD applications. Information: Skyjacker Suspension, 318.388.0816,

Have an '05-'07 Nissan Frontier, Xterra, or Pathfinder and looking to get a little lift without going too extreme? Well, Calmini has you covered. The 2- to 2.5-inch suspension system is compiled of two machine-crafted blue-anodized spacers, laser-cut rear shackle plates, and all-new hardware intended for better articulation and ground clearance. Add-a-leaf options are also available. Information: Calmini Products Mfg., 800.345.3305,

Pro Comp Suspension has something for you Ford guys looking to put a little more super back into your Super Duty. This 2-inch package for the '05-'07 4WD offers owners a cost-effective way to give their trucks a little boost without breaking the bank. Although not required, Pro Comp does suggest upgrading your shocks in addition to the poly spacers. Information: Pro Comp Suspension, 619.216.1444,

Rock Krawler Racing Development has trick new 3- to 4-inch suspension systems for the '07-and-up GM 1/2-ton 4x4s. Adjustable coilover racing shocks and heavy-duty uniball upper A-arms are supplied for the front. In the rear a long-arm four-link conversion and coilover shocks replace the factory leaf springs then top off with limiting straps to minimize the likelihood of overstressing factory components. This system can run 33s with no trimming and 35s with aftermarket fenders or moderate trimming. Information: Rock Krawler Suspension Inc., 518.270.9822,

Maintaining a low center of gravity without limiting articulation was one of the focus points of Teraflex's 3-inch Enduro-LCG suspension system for the '97-'06 Jeep Wrangler. Designed for the wheeler who wants suspension performance with little frame modification, this kit incorporates 1.75-inch DOM control arms with interchangeable modular claimed to be the largest on the market. This system is also upgradeable and allows owners to customize their joints to accommodate personal driving style. Information: Teraflex, 801.288.2585,

Rubicon Express has a 3.5-inch Super-Flex kit that brings all the right ingredients to take your '97-'06 Jeep Wrangler to the next level. New control arms with spherical ball joints will aid in articulation along with disconnecting sway-bar end links. Some other goodies include extended bumpstops, longer front brake lines, and a full set of 3.5-inch coils. If you find that clearing 33s isn't enough, an easy upgrade to 4.5s is available. Shocks are available separately. Information: Rubicon Express, 866.533.7709,

New for 2007 is Revtek's unique split spacer system for the late-model Toyota Tundra 4WD. The goal of the 2.5-inch system is to maintain OEM ride while adding rugged trail durability. This is achieved by placing an additional preload on the front coils that in turn keeps the lower control arms from over-rotating, thus factory geometry isn't sacrificed. Information: Revtek Suspension, 877.543.8869,

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