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2007 Chevy Truck Fabtech Dirt Logic

Drivers Side
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted June 1, 2007

Applying Dirt Logic

We've barely even seen them on the street yet, and already Fabtech Motorsports has tackled the new '07 Chevys with a mission to make more than just the conventional IFS drop-down bracket kit. This is a brand-new model truck, and Fabtech decided to set the bar high right from the get-go with a full-option 4.0 Dirt Logic coilover offering to boost the new GMs 6 inches high to get 35-inch tires on. If the 4.0 Dirt Logic is a bit too excessive for what you're planning on, you can opt for a 2.5 Dirt Logic coilover, or even go with a simple factory coilover spacing bracket. Fabtech has covered the entire fullsize GM line, having rear kits for the leaf-sprung truck and the five-link coil-sprung Tahoe. By the time you read this, full production kits will already be on the shelves.

The kit consists of two Dirt Logic coilovers with about 6 inches of movement that nets you around 10 inches of front travel. Not a desert racer, but definitely better than stock. Fabtech uses the now conventional "knuckle lift" for the front, which keeps the upper A-arm in the stock locations and lowers the lower A-arm via two subframe drop brackets. The rear is lifted by two blocks using 2.25 Dirt Logic remote-reservoir shocks, and extends the bumpstops down to suit the lift height.


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