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Cheap 4x4 Suspension Buyers Guide

Tundra Lift
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted August 1, 2007

Stuff For Under Two Bills

We know how broke you are; we're in the same boat. You can only sacrifice so many meals to save money for truck parts, and making your kids starve so you can buy 4x4 parts is just downright cruel. We thought we'd put together a little list of some cool suspension parts you can buy for a pretty decent price. Check it out. You might have an extra 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket right now!

Get Your Nose Up
What It Is: Tundra lift
How Much It'll Cost: Around $150
What It'll Do: Raise the front of your '07 Tundra almost 3 inches to fit 35s
What It Comes With: The urethane extension that sits on top of the coilover, the stud extenders, and all other hardware
Information: Daystar, 800.595.7659,

New Rubbers For Your 4x4
What It Is: Bushing kit for sway bar
How Much It'll Cost: Around $35
What It'll Do: Allows you to replace worn-out rubber bushings with new urethane ones
What It Comes With: Greasable bushing brackets, bushings, all necessary hardware
Information: Energy Suspension, 949.361.3935,

Junkyard Shock Mount
What It Is: Ford Super Duty factory upper shock mount
How Much It'll Cost: Just a few bucks in a junkyard or in the Dumpster of a 4x4 shop
What It'll Do: Gives you a long shock mount with a flat mounting surface that can be bolted to almost any rectangular frame
What It Comes With: Just the shock mount

Let It Sway!
What It Is: Ultimate sway-bar disconnects
How Much It'll Cost: Around $150
What It'll Do: Let you disconnect your sway bar
What It Comes With: The disconnects, hardware, and lanyards to keep the sway bar up when disconnected
Information: BDS, 517.279.2135,

Cheap Leaves
What It Is: Add-a-leaf kit
How Much It'll Cost: About $70
What It'll Do: Raise the leaf-sprung rear of your 4x4 a couple of inches without changing spring-eye angles.
What It Comes With: Add-a-leaves, U-bolts, and new centerpins to allow you to tie them into the pack
Information: Rancho, 734.384.7804

What It Is: Dual-shock kit for '03-'07 2500 and 3500 Dodge Rams with built-in shock saver
How Much It'll Cost: Around $150
What It'll Do: Allows you to mount a second shock outside of the coil
What It Comes With: The upper and lower shock brackets and all necessary hardware
Information: DT Products, 928.776.2405,

End Of It All
What It Is: FK spherical-bearing rod-end kits
How Much It'll Cost: Around $100 each
What It'll Do: Allows you to put high-quality suspension joints in your suspension
What It Comes With: The rod end, high-misalignment spacers, threaded rod-end bung
Information: McKenzie's Performance Products, 714.441.1212,

Setting Your Limits
What It Is: Adjustable bumpstops
How Much It'll Cost: Around $99
What It'll Do: Allow you to fine tune the point where your suspension stops traveling up
What It Comes With: 12-inch tubes with 3 1/2 inches of thread adjustment, the bumpstop is on a threaded shank.
Information: Rock Krawler, 518.270.9822,

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