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Rebuildable Joints

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Rebuildable joints are usually less expensive and often use a poly-style inner bushing with a spherical ball inside that can flex and rotate. In the front is a disassembled Currie Johnny Joint and an assembled Johnny Joint with a forged shank and housing. These were some of the original rebuildable joints and we sourced them through Poly Performance. The disassembled joint in the center top of the photo is a Rubicon Express Super Flex joint that uses a threaded insert allowing it to be tightened for adjustment and then a small set screw to lock the insert in place. In the upper left is the Ultra Duty Joint from Ballistic, very similar to the Rubicon Express joint, but shown with a threaded rod end. In the upper left- and righthand corners are the tools used to tighten these threaded joints. In the lower left is the massive Evo Heim joint from Evolution Machine. This is right on the edge between being a rebuildable bushing joint (it has a Delrin insert) and being a solid Heim. Evolution claims strength to more than 100,000 pounds of pressure.