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Threaded Bungs

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You can attach a threaded rod insert into the rod end as shown in the bushing photo, or you can tap the actual tubing of the link, or you can weld in a threaded bung. There are many different makes and models of threaded bungs-from (right to left) hex and nonhex bungs from Spidertrax, a righthand threaded bung from Poly Performance (the small groove cut in the bung denotes righthand thread), and small righthand, large lefthand, and square righthand bungs from Ballistic Fabrication. Having a left- and a righthand threaded bung and rod end at either end of the link allows you to adjust the length of the link without removing it from the vehicle. However, some builders find that having the same thread at each end reduces the chance of the links loosening and getting longer or shorter by accident.