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Off Road Evolution Evo Link Lock Jam Nut

Currie Johnny Joint Test
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
Posted January 1, 2010

Neat & New Basic!

For years we've been stuck in the never-ending battle of trying to keep control arm jam nuts tight and prevent them from working loose. It doesn't matter if we tightened them until we're blue in the face; within a few hundred miles and a wheeling outing or two, we're be back under the rig to tighten them all over again. While we all enjoy wrenching on our trucks, the link arm battle of jam nuts working loose is something that we could all gladly live without.

With multilink suspensions more popular than ever, Off Road Evolution has stepped up with a solution for all your slipping jam nut woes. The Evo Linx Lock is a specialty jam nut engineered to stay tight, no matter what type of twisty situations you get your rig into.

The new Evo Linx Lock is designed to work with your existing left- or righthand 1 1/4-inch -12 rod ends and uses four set screws and pinch bolt to prevent the nut from turning loose. Coupled with a rubber O-ring to keep dirt and debris from damaging the threads, this zinc-plated steel jam nut is built with longevity and strength in mind. To find out more about these cutting-edge jam nuts, we headed down to Off Road Evolution in Fullerton, California.

Since we were curious how much stronger the new Evo Linx Lock was over a conventional-style jam nut, Off Road Evolution set us up with a little test. Tightening down the Evo nut only by hand, we then threaded in the set screws and secured the pinch bolt to 20 lb-ft. Using a nut welded to the end of the Currie Johnny Joint, we broke out the torque wrench to see how many pound-feet it would take to break the Linx Lock loose. Stepping it up in increments of 10 lb-ft, we finally got the nut to move at 210! Keep in mind that the jam nut was screwed on only handtight!


Off-Road Evolution
Fullerton, CA 92833