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ReadyLift GMC Yukon XL Leveling Kit

Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted March 1, 2010

A Budget Boost & Performance Tires Make A Huge Difference

Beefing up a late-model four-wheel-drive family wagon for on-and off-highway adventure and performance doesn't have to be expensive or extreme. Adhering to a budget doesn't necessarily mean you have to accept poor quality products either. ReadyLift Suspension has quality suspension components at a reasonable price, and Mickey Thompson Tires offers a number off-road performance tires that can be had without sacrificing a chunk of the retirement fund.

We had the chance to play around with an '07 GMC 4x4 Yukon, which by no means is any kind of hardcore rockcrawler. However, the vehicle does have its place off road as a family trail runner, and it's a great hunting rig for hauling gear, dogs, and shot critters. The major problem with the vehicle is that at factory ride height it can get hung up on the trail and in the fields.

To overhaul our mall crawler, we contacted Ready Lift Suspension for its 2 1/2-inch lift and Mickey Thompson Tires for a set of Baja ATZ radial tires. Once the goods arrived we headed to T&J Performance Center in Orange, California, to have the lift installed by Mike and Tom Barnett's experienced technicians.


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