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1995 Ford F-350 Suspension Redo

Posted in How To: Suspension Brakes on December 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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BDS Makes 'Em Ride Better Nowadays, recreational 4x4s and tow rigs can be had for prices we couldn't imagine just a few short years ago. Surfing the Net is a great place to find the rigs too-but you still have to get your butt over there and kick the tires.

We ran across a '95 Ford F-350 that was purchased for a song off Craigslist. The truck was in great shape and ran strong, but handled and rode like an old buckboard with a nasty death wobble. Crawling around underneath the truck, we found the shocks leaking. They were damaged and missing bushings. The front leaf springs were worn to a negative arch, and there was no steering stabilizer.

We called BDS Suspension and ordered up a new suspension system. Installing the new springs and such took the better part of a day with the qualified techs at Overkill Engineering. Afterward we hit the road and romped though a few trails. The truck rode like a new rig, and the death wobble disappeared.

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