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2013 Chevy K1500 - Up & Covered

Posted in How To: Suspension Brakes on June 1, 2013
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Late-model lift kits can be surprisingly similar among manufacturers. Functional realities such as maintaining steering geometry and alignment limit the engineering possibilities. In IFS kits, knuckle designs are the main distinguishers. The challenge here is to clear various tire/wheel combos and even aftermarket brakes without fattening the steering radius by radically widening the front track.

The recommended maximum tire size is 35x12.50. Minimum 17-inch-tall wheels are required for caliper clearance. Up to an 8-inch-wide wheel with as much as 41⁄2 inches of backspacing will keep the tread inside the wheelwells. The Chevy rose 61⁄8 inches in the rear and even more height up front after the factory rake was gone. Recently introduced 35x12.50 Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Mud-Terrains on 17x8.5 Pro Comp La Paz Series 29 wheels help the truck stand out—and get farther out there.

Attention to details (specifically, plumbing and wiring extensions or relocations) and available options also separate brands. For example, the Pro Comp 2007-current Chevy/GMC K1500 6-inch kit covered here offers optional, upgraded Pro Runner high-pressure monotube struts and shocks. The front Pro Runner SS struts feature an offset billet coil collar that can provide up to 2.75 inches of additional lift in some applications.

This system creates clearance for 35x12.50 tires: in this case new Pro Comp MT2s on Pro Comp La Paz wheels. But what’s most important is that Pro Comp certified that this kit with 35x12.50-18 Pro Comp Xtreme A/Ts complies with FMVSS 126, a high-speed lane-change test that verifies compatibility with ABS and traction control systems. If safety for you and your family is important, then this is a big consideration.

Installation of this kit is fairly straightforward. Some cutting is required (but no welding), so the job could conceivably be done at home. Highly experienced mechanic Raul Reyes at 4Wheel Parts’ Santa Ana, California, store single-handedly had the bulk of the work done before lunch. Highlights are documented here.

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Powertrain Warranty
Late-model 4x4 owners sometimes hesitate to lift their vehicles due to warranty concerns. Pro Comp recently launched its Lift Shield program to address this. If the dealership denies a powertrain warranty claim due to the Pro Comp suspension system during the truck’s first five years or 60,000 miles of life, Lift Shield covers the cost of parts and labor (minus a $100 deductible). The program applies to qualifying late-model Pro Comp suspension systems that are installed by authorized shops. Details are available at (The Pro Comp kit components themselves are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.)


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