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Fullsize Sway Bar Disconnects

Warrior Products Quick Disconnects
Cole Quinnell | Writer
Posted September 1, 1998

Ditch Your Sway Bar The Easy Way

Let's face it, you can buy anything for a Jeep. Owners of these vehicles have enjoyed the luxury of sway-bar disconnects for years. These nifty devices allow you to retain the vehicle sway bar for on-road handling, but pull two pins, and you significantly increase the suspension articulation for better off-road performance. If the vehicle has a super-soft suspension, a sway bar for on-road control is even more important, and the advantage of not having the sway bar hooked up off-road is greater.

Now there are options for owners of '67-'88 fullsize GM trucks, '69-'91 Blazers and Jimmys, and '67-'91 Suburbans. We brought you news of Offroad Design's sway-bar quick-disconnects for these vehicles ("Chevy Sway Bar Correction," July '97), and now Warrior Products has another design available for these vehicles.

Warrior Products quick-disconnects work on mildly lifted trucks and bolt between the sway bar and the stock mounts on the axle. They are 4 inches high and help even out the sway-bar angle on lifted trucks.

Now fullsize owners can have their articulation and handle the road too.


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