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Installed Fox Shocks

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Installation of the Fox Shocks was fairly straightforward, but we had to use a floor jack and a pry bar to get the mounting holes aligned with the mounts, scuffing the black anodized aluminum ends. The ride off-road with tires aired down to around 12 psi is great, with the Foxes soaking up bumps as our four-cylinder powered CJ rattled down Arizona washes with as much speed as we could muster. On-road the ride is a bit firm for our taste, but our 12-inch universal shocks are universally valved, while Fox shocks for a CJ, YJ, TJ and JK as well as other common Jeep applications will be valved for those specific vehicle parameters. Luckily for us, the compression and rebound valving are adjustable, as is the nitrogen pressure on the Performance 2.0 series shocks.