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Re3715 Re3783 Re3780

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If you want control arms with Super-Flex joints and full adjustability for your Grand you'll need to upgrade to RE3715 (lowers), RE3783 (upper, rear), and RE3780 (upper, front) as we did. While it adds quite a bit to the kit cost, it allows you to fine tune the axle alignment (caster) and pinion angle to provide the least vibration and best U-joint durability. Rubicon Express specifies a rear lower arm length of 17.25 inches and 16.25 inches for the front, but you must still check your driveline angles and adjust accordingly. Remember to always install the arms with the rubber bushing in the unibody's frame mount and the Super-Flex joint in the axle bracket. Set the coil spring in its cup, jack the axle into posi