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Jp Web Exclusive Poll - Wrangler IFS?

Posted in How To: Suspension Brakes on July 18, 2007 Comment (0)
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Web Exclusive Reader Poll: IFS vs. Solid Axle

With ever-changing handling requirements, crash standards and fuel economy mandates it seems that solid front axles on Jeeps (or any vehicle) could be canned. Rumor is that it's only by sheer miracle that the current JK Wrangler didn't end up with IFS. It's said that preliminary planning of the JK already had the solid front axle in the grave! What if the next generation Wrangler has IFS? Vote now and let Jeep know whether or not you want them to keep the solid axle in the next Wrangler!

1)What's IFS?

2)I think the new Wrangler should have IFS for better ride and handling characteristics.

3)I'd wait to see how durable it is.

4)No thanks, I'll keep my solid axle Jeep.

5)I'd rather carve my eyes out with a spoon than have an IFS Jeep.


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