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3-Day Wrangler TJ For $3K

Jeep Wrangler With Upgrade Parts
Verne Simons
| Senior Editor, Jp
Posted April 1, 2012
Photographers: Trenton McGee

Wrangler upgrades on a budget and timeline

It all started with a phone call from Editor Hazel.

Hazel: “Dude, didn’t you just score a nearly-stock TJ for $3,800?”

Me: “Yeah! It’s a ’97 with the 2.5L and A/C. Although, I think it needs a charge or a new compressor, ’cause the A/C doesn’t work. Besides, there’s only a bikini top and no doors. It’s been in Arizona most of its life. There’s almost no rust and it only has 100,000 miles. Why do you ask?”

Hazel: “I have this idea for a story series in Jp. I get a lot of emails from American combat soldiers overseas. Lots of ’em spend their idle time dreaming about wheeling when they’re home on leave. I put together parts lists for ’em that make sense based on their Jeep and budget. They order the parts over the Internet and have them shipped home. Sometimes their families or friends build the Jeep for ’em so they’re ready to go when they get back. Or they thrash-build their Jeeps themselves, go wheeling, and then head back to war. I wanna kick off the series with a TJ build representative of something these guys would want to emulate.”

Me: “You’ve got my attention. How do you want the story to go?”

Christian: “Well, it needs to be finished in no more than three days and it’s gotta use all bolt-on, mail-order parts that basically anyone could install. Oh, and these guys don’t have infinite funds. I want it done on a budget. Also, you gotta come up with a couple alternate build plans and it’s all gotta run part numbers and prices found on the web at press time.”

Me: “Sounds like a great idea to me!”

So whether you’re a combat soldier reading this in a hole somewhere dangerous or just a hard-working family man waiting for a tax return, Jp magazine is gonna lay out some simple three-day builds covering popular Jeep models that won’t break your bank account. This month we’re kicking the series off with the 3-Day TJ, but we’re planning similar treatments for the JK, YJ, XJ, and maybe even CJ.


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