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December 2007 4x4 Tech Questions - Techline

Willie Worthy | Writer
Posted December 1, 2007

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Question: I'm building what I like to call my "freak Jeep" with a '69 Chevy chassis shortened 25 inches, '72 Commando tub, '71 Commando front clip that's stretched 4 inches, '90 Chevy TBI engine, and Dana 60s with 4.56:1s.

Where I'm stuck is, I need to run a Turbo 350 tranny due to a handicap I have, but I want to run the Rockwell 221 transfer case that came with the truck due to the low output shaft and short wheelbase. But I don't know how to put them together other than a roll of duct tape and a coat hanger. Help?
Putter in WI

Answer: Actually, I think that the transfer case was a Timken Model T-221. Either way, it never came hooked to an automatic, only to the SM330 heavy-duty fully synchromesh three-speed manual and the CH465 four-speed. Too bad you're starting out with a '69 instead of a '70, as that was the year of the auto shifter introduction, along with the NP205 transfer case.

I think that you should just forget about using the T-221, as parts for it are getting quite scarce and it's fairly noisy. OK, it's been a long, long time since I last looked at one, but if memory serves me right, it uses a coupler very similar to the 205's. There is a chance that the TH350/NP205 adapter may be modified to work. OK, now that I have said that, I will most likely get a bunch of mail telling me either no way, or it's a bolt-up. Still, I would suggest finding a 205/350 combination already mated together.

Question: I am looking for the meanest, biggest, and baddest grilleguard/winch bumper I can find to put on my '07 Ford Excursion. Can you point me in the right direction?
Jim Buck
Little Rock, AR

Answer: One company that comes to mind (mainly because I received a catalog in today's mail) is Winch Ready Bumpers ( Apparently, you haven't looked too hard into finding one because they have a dealer right in your hometown. Check out Mud Connection 4x4, 6104 Young Rd., Little Rock, AR 72209, 501/562-6494.

Question: I have noticed a lot of ads for electric superchargers. They appear to be 12-volt blower motors that you hook up to your intake tube that sells for around $70.

I have a '92 K-5 Blazer 5.7L that needs more get-up-and-go. Will this device help at all?
David Tagg
Saint Cloud, FL

Answer: Contributing Editor Jimmy Nylund and I have talked on several occasions about these small fans and just how many you would have to put in the air tube to show a difference in power output on a chassis dyno. In reality, there is a good chance that there may actually be an air restriction, even with it running. Then there is the question of what would happen if one of those little blades came off.

What is making the fan work? Electricity, and where does that electricity come from? The engine driving the alternator. If there was any gain in horsepower from the little fan, our guess is that gain would be taken away by the extra load on the engine driving the alternator.

Our opinion: save your money and invest in a good exhaust system. Even if it doesn't make any more horsepower, the engine will run a bit cooler and sound a lot better than a fan sounding like a bumble bee.

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