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August 2010 Techline

Willie Worthy | Writer
Posted August 1, 2010

Jeep CJ-7 Noise, Rebuilt 360 Engine MPG, and More!

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What's That Noise?
Q I have a 1985 Jeep CJ-7 with the 258ci six-cylinder engine and Borg-Warner T-5 manual transmission. There is a loud "chatter" noise coming from the clutch at speeds over 55 mph, with the tach reading around 2,000 rpm, and only when gas is applied. It quiets down and goes away when you let off the gas. I have a Centerforce Stage 2 clutch that I installed 1,000 miles ago, which replaced the throwout bearing but not the pilot bearing. What would cause this noise?
Matthew Krzesniak
Chicago, IL

A I'm really not sure why the clutch should be making noise at highway speed and is (if I understand what you're saying) not making the noise at the same rpm and lower vehicle speeds. Are you sure it's coming from the clutch and not the transmission? The T-5 is noted for having some bearing problems that will cause noise when in Fourth or Fifth gear, but usually the noise is foreshadowed by difficult shifting. Perhaps you can give me a few more clues?

More Information on TBI Conversion
I wanted to comment on the question "Fuel Pump Mods for TBI Chevy V-8 Swap" (May '10). The reader wanted to swap a TBI 350 from a single-tank '90 Suburban into an '83 dual-tank truck. You mentioned that a reader might have another solution. Here's mine:

Basically, this reader is trying to make his '83 work as a TBI model like a factory TBI '87 regular-cab or an '87-to-'91 crew cab, so why not find one of these as a donor for a few parts? My experience is that many 1/2-tons, most 3/4-tons, and all 1-tons run factory dual tanks. All that is needed are two factory in-tank fuel pumps (and they will fit into the '83's factory tanks-just swap complete sending units), a factory fuel-tank transfer valve from a TBI truck (they look and mount identically to the one in the '83 but are different due to fuel pressure difference and additional wiring to the pumps), and the short piece of wiring that runs from the transfer valve to each electric fuel pump. The switch on the dash of the '83 that determines the left- or right-side tank should be the same.

The two in-tank factory electric fuel pumps and the transfer valve should be available at most parts stores if you just want to buy new parts. Just be sure to say it's for an '87. The short piece of wiring from the tank valve to the fuel pumps is the only part you really have to scavenge, and you could make it if you had to.
Justin Moffitt
Via the Internet

Thank you for providing another solution to the dual gas tank problem. I'm not quite sure why I didn't look into seeing if the TBI trucks had dual tanks and how they worked. Really appreciate it when readers help other readers out.

Wants Info on Early Land Cruisers
You gave me some pretty good information on my Chevy pickup some years back, and I am hoping you can help me out again. I am thinking about buying a Toyota Land Cruiser. You know, one of the classic ones from the '60s or early '70s. However, I don't know much about them. Could you enlighten me?
Tom Bown
Brownsville, TX

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