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To prevent further axle breakage, we upgraded to these 4340 chrome-moly axleshafts (top) from Randy's Ring & Pinion. Besides being built from material that is very strong, these axles don't neck down like the stock ones do (bottom). When an axle necks down it loses strength at the point where it becomes smaller, and this is exactly where we broke ours. The axleshafts should be the first things you upgrade on your front Dana 44. Note that options that include larger axles for the 44 are very limited, though. As far as we know, nobody offers axles-neither inners nor outers-with larger spline counts for front 44s. All of those use 30-spline inners and 19-spline outers. At the rear, though, you can upgrade from 30-spline to larger 33-spline units.