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Drivers Side 2 Trailers

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Extreme towing! Here is our test mule pulling two grain trailers with about 200 bushels of wheat in each. At 60 pounds per bushel, that's about 24,000 pounds of wheat, plus the weight of each trailer (1,500 pounds) and the truck tipped the scales at 7,345 (6,345 and 1,000 pounds of tractor weights in the back). Grand total: 34,345 pounds! Here we tried to get it moving in two-wheel drive with an open diff in the soft dirt of the field. No go-one-wheel drive. Later, with the Truetrac installed, there was some spinning (from two tires this time) but the truck could get the load moving in two-wheel drive. Either way, without the extra weight in back, it was a no-go. The diesel truck is very nose-heavy and these types of wagons add no tongue weight.