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Sleeper Gear Oil

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This is a sleeper gear oil. LE607 mineral-based oil is an industrial gear oil with very high load capacity. It's a straight grade-90, but one with a relatively low pour point of -11 degrees. The trick part of this oil is the additive package. It contains something called Almasol, a solid film lubricant additive that attaches itself to metal surfaces in a microscopic layer. It won't build up beyond that microscopic level, but "repairs" itself as the layer wears away. According to LE, it dramatically increases the load capacity of the oil and reduces gearbox operating temps by up to 50 degrees. Various wear tests place it in the highest tier of gear oils, most notable by making it to the 13th stage of the FZG wear test. This oil also has an extremely high resistance to emulsifying in water and will separate rapidly.